Agricola Pirola
Agricola Pirola

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From Azienda Agricola Pirola Luigi to Società Agricola Pirola SS

The Società Agricola Pirola SS

In 2012 Luigi Pirola bequeathed his heirs the whole precious cultural and material heritage he built throughout his life and especially his passion for the quality of a hard yet simple, direct yet unique craft: the farming of land to produce its best fruits.

Società Agricola Pirola is now a new reality run by Lucia, whose lifetime know-how guides the work of her sons Alessandro, Roberto and Matteo in managing the sales, production and administration operational activities. They lead their company all together by applying Luigi’s teachings and forward-looking approach to renew the business and to meet the demand of a continuously changing market, always trying to bear in mind that the quality of a product and the satisfaction of a client coming back every day are the best reward that they can get.

The farming of our products, from vegetables to salads up to aromatic herbs and spices concentrates in a 10-hectare land located in Cernusco sul Naviglio, in the outskirts of Milan along Naviglio della Martesana.

Our lands are farmed with the most advanced farming techniques, while our products are processed according to the most traditional methods, i.e. hand harvesting and preparation, with maximum care for fresh daily products.

Tunnel nord-west side with view on Cascina Viscontina
growing Salvia
Vegetables in multitunnels
Red Basilico
Multitunnels west side
Tunnel with lattuce foglia di quercia (40gg)